Thursday, February 20, 2020

Mhurwud: A Basic Fantasy Game World

The world has seen six ages and six cataclysms, from the golden age of Elves and Dwarves, through the ages of the first race of humans and on through to the present, Seventh Age. This is an age for the survivors, the ones from all the races who have endured, and after 500 years of sheltering more or less in place, they are looking around again. Trade routes are being established, knowledge is being rediscovered, and adventurous souls are just beginning to realize that the many thousands of years of civilizations and apocalyptic collapses have resulted in a world riddled with ruins of every kind. Within these 'dungeons' and long-forgotten structures it's possible to find wealth, powerful magic, and some of the most horrific monsters that have ever lived. To the skilled, stouthearted, and lucky go the spoils. 

Last year I put quite a bit of work into building Mhurwud, and I'm just about ready to launch a campaign in it using the Basic Fantasy RPG system. I had thought that it would be trialed with a group formed through Beacon, the Unitarian Universalist congregation I'm a part of, but instead I'll probably be presenting it the first time at a group formed where I work. 

As I said, it's based on the Basic Fantasy, though with some modifications. I've added the sub-classes, quasi-classes, and races that the community has contributed and which were published on the game's website. I've also adapted a couple of pantheons for use, and created a sub-class of cleric of my own: Plague Doctor. 

Depending on how it goes with the work group, I'd like to take it on to Beacon and other groups over time. I'm certain errors will be identified and fixed, rules adapted for better play, and further alterations to the world as seem appropriate. This is, however, not a finished product that I'll be making available to the wider public. Instead, I suggest that if anyone is interested, you should take a look at the game's site, where the core rulebook and a wealth of other information is available for free. If you like what you see, download it and use it for your own worlds and campaigns.