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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Contemporary Humanist Services at Beacon

For a few months now at Beacon UU Congregation in Summit, NJ we've been having a contemporary Humanist Service. It's always on the first Sunday of the month, at 5pm, and if you're familiar with Sunday Assembly you'll recognize what we're trying to do. The music, readings, and talks are all non-theistic, upholding humanistic values. Rather than sing old hymns and hear a lecture, we're invited to sing along, if we like, to music from this century and the last that actually played on radios. We've enjoyed singing songs from Queen, Bruce Springsteen, Katy Perry, and more. 

Below is a short clip from a gathering two months ago. This was a bit of a departure in that it was a Brazilian beat and not a lot of singing along, but it will give you a notion of the vibe of these services.

All are welcome to attend this service. Members, friends, first-time visitors. The exterior of the building looks like a traditional church, but we're a progressive congregation with a mission 'to be a radically inclusive religious community that feeds the human spirit and heals the world.' And when we say 'religious' we don't necessarily mean 'theistic.' Unitarian Universalism itself is agnostic and focused on living well together in this one life we know we have. Individually, Unitarian Universalists hold to a wide variety of beliefs. 

We welcome all who welcome all.

Please do drop in for this or any of the services. The address is 4 Waldron Avenue, Summit, NJ.