Monday, January 1, 2024

The Polish National Catholic Church (And Others Similar)

Ready for Harvest gives a pretty detailed rundown of what the Polish National Catholic Church is all about. It's one of the oldest "independent" Catholic jurisdictions in the United States. I was interested to see that the American National Catholic Church, a New Jersey-based jurisdiction, got a brief mention in a clarification. 

Here's where to find information in the video:

00:00 History of the PNCC 
04:11 “National Catholic Church” Name 
04:34 Core Christian Beliefs 
04:54 Filioque Clause of the Nicene Creed 
05:24 Sacraments 
09:48 Sacramentals 
10:16 The Virgin Mary 
11:25 Scripture, Creation 
12:36 Sin & Salvation 
14:26 Charismatic View 
14:38 Universal Salvation 
18:48 Marriage & Sexuality 
19:43 Divorce & Remarriage 
20:24 Abortion, Birth Control 
20:53 Worship Style & Liturgy 
21:18 Alcohol 
21:48 Giving & Offerings 
23:14 Church Government 
24:06 Church Offices, Apostolic Succession 
24:46 Women in Ministry 
25:12 Relation with the Episcopal Church 
25:26 Marriage of Clergy 
25:54 Ecumenical Connections 
26:29 Statistics