Monday, October 24, 2022

Do You Remember Your Favorite Playground?

Kids should have good playgrounds.

Did you have a favorite playground when you were a kid? I did. Mine was the one that originally existed at Hurdland Elementary School. It was on a corner of the property, near the school, shaded by a few small but substantial trees. It was cozy and, much to my delight, the area around one of the roots of the trees was great for playing with Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars. My friends and I could completely lose ourselves in our little world of cars under that tree. In the Fall we also made house outlines on the grass with leaves that fell from the trees, pretending we were building a mansion and its various rooms. 

Projetos Sociais Estação Vida is asking us to help raise the funds needed to rebuild the playground equipment at their community center in Uberlandia. Through years of enjoyment the equipment has had plenty of wear and tear, to the point where it's now unsafe for the children to use. The photo you see to the side here was from its better days. As you can see in the photo below, taken just last week, it's now taped off until work can be done on it

In order to effect the repairs we need to raise US $1500, of which at this writing we have $125. If you are in a position to help out, in any dollar amount, it would be gratefully received and go 100% to this project. 

To donate, you can either do so through this Facebook link (active through 10/31/2022) or via Paypal:

It's going to be great to get this done and be able to share photos of kids making new memories of their own on the rebuilt playground.