Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Dan White Jr., and the Great Pastor Resignation (Podcast)

I felt every word that Dan White, a former church minister, said in the podcast below. People don't know how difficult ministry can be. What got me out of full-time ministry were the attacks on my character. There were many.

There is very little in this world as disappointing as giving your all for others only to have them criticize absolutely everything and then say you're lazy or ambitious or bad or too authoritarian or too lax or whatever.

More disappointing still is no one coming to your defense.
And that, kids, is one of several reasons congregational ministry is off the table for me. The dynamics can be toxic in ways a workplace can never be.

Episode Description:

America is burned out. Between the stress of the pandemic, growing polarization and declining trust in institutions, many people are near their breaking point. The feeling is particularly acute for those who have traditionally been society’s bridge builders — teachers, health care workers, faith leaders — as they increasingly find themselves in the cross hairs of our divisions.

Dan White Jr. was a pastor in New York for nearly 20 years until the stress of trying to mend the chasms within his church led to his physical collapse. When he went searching for a place to heal and find support, he found few options. So he decided to create his own.