Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Learning to Brew Through Saint Louis University

This past Fall semester I took "Agroforestry I: Theory, Practice and Adoption" at the graduate level through the University of Missouri. Although I did this as a non-degree student, it is my intention next year to return an actually enroll in either the Master of Science or Graduate Certificate program in agroforestry. This year (2022), I'm learning to brew.

Saint Louis University offers a certificate program called "Brewing Science and Operations" that runs from January through December every year. People who take it are a mix of complete novices like myself, homebrewers looking to get better, and people actively working in or intending to break into the beer industry. For me, it's a matter of building a solid skill set for the future. The details of what I'm working towards, however, I'll save for later posts. 

For now, enjoy this intro to the brewing program I'm attending.