Saturday, October 16, 2021

Greg Judy on Growing Shiitake Mushrooms

Greg Judy, a central Missouri 'regenerative rancher,' is known for his commitment to taking care of the land and making a good living through sustainable agroforestry practices. He also keeps a very active YouTube channel. Among his activities is production of shiitake mushrooms, though it's not a major part of his farm's overall operations. This is a topic I find particularly interesting because I've been eyeing a recently fallen tree for inoculation, and because mushrooms are an excellent way to deal productively and naturally with 'waste' lumber. 

In this first video from 2019, Greg shows how he's set up for growing mushrooms. Some good information there. 

More recently (2021) Greg and his wife Jan provided this update on their bumper crop. 

You don't have to have a lot of land to grow mushrooms, and without sunlight as a requirement it opens it up to almost everyone who wants to give it a try. Maybe not shiitake in logs, but something