Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Overlooked and Despised: Lectures on a Humanist Re-Thinking of Biblical Outsiders

The first time I met Dr. Anthony Pinn was a few years ago at an interfaith conference in New Jersey. He was chatting with Chris Stedman, the founder of the Yale Humanist Community. I had no idea who Dr. Pinn was, but I was excited to meet Chris. I'm embarrassed to admit that I asked Dr. Pinn if he could take a picture of me and Chris, which he graciously obliged in doing. Had I realized I would have wanted a photo with both. 

Dr Pinn is a scholar, Humanist, and Unitarian Universalist who writes and speaks in support of what he calls 'Black Humanism.' To be clear, his Black Humanism is distinct from that advocated by earlier Unitarian Universalists of color, in that Pinn's work aligns with the non-theistic outlook of contemporary Humanism as described by Humanism and Its Aspirations and The Amsterdam Declaration

It was therefore really good news to learn that Dr. Pinn will be giving the Minns Lectures this year. This series will take place over three Friday evenings this May, will be online, and is free to attend. Registration is required. The subject matter and this speaker should make for some very thought-provoking lectures.