Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Supporting Unitarian Universalist Relief Efforts

The following was taken from a recent Faithify Crowdfunding News email. Here is how Faithify describes its aims, in case you're unfamiliar:

Faithify’s purpose is to:
  • Inspire a culture of innovation that extends the reach of UU values
  • Lower the walls between existing congregations
  • Ignite ministries in new venues, formats, and communities
  • Bridge geographic and generational borders using 21st century technologies
  • Help passionate individuals invest directly in ministries that excite them
  • Help ministry innovators reach a passionate public
Below, Halcyon Westall, the project manager for Faithify.org, explains the role of the UUA Disaster Relief Fund, and highlights the fact that relief efforts are also available to support on the Faithify platform. This Unitarian Universalist crowdfunding platform has a lot of very worthy projects needing funding, so I encourage everyone to take a look. Also, if your UU-affiliated ministry has a worthwhile project that needs funds, you can investigate how to get on Faithify at their website. 

Do you know about the UUA Disaster Relief Fund? This resource is available to all Unitarian Universalist Association congregations to apply for grants for their buildings, their members, their communities and neighbors impacted by a natural disaster.

As you may know, recent winter storms in the United States South were devastating. Thousands of people are still without clean water to drink, are faced with repairs to their homes from ice damage, and face unfathomable utilities bills.

I am proud to serve on the team who helps administer this relief money. The applications for grants are coming in and the need is great. Several grants have already gone out from the Disaster Relief Fund (DRF) to congregations in Texas who are helping their communities recover.

This same fund, the DRF, helped communities impacted last year by wildfires in California and Oregon, the derecho in Iowa, and COVID related aid in all regions of the UUA. The need has been great, and the DRF has been able to supply practical relief in desperate times.

If you are in a community impacted by natural disaster, your congregation can apply for a UUA DRF grant. If you are right now safe, living with secure water, heat, and power, and have the resources to spare, please consider giving to the UUA Disaster Relief Fund.

Remember that Faithify also has a category of campaigns for UU disaster relief projects that may not meet the UUA DRF criteria. The "All-or-Nothing" goal is removed for this category of project.