Sunday, February 28, 2021

Ruination or Salvation | Second Sunday in Lent

A re-envisioning of the enduring principles of Mark 8:31-38

That which is basest within seeks to destroy what is best. Yet, when all hope seems lost, hope will be reborn. 

The loyalty of friends may compel them to speak for commitment without sacrifice.

Devilish ideas dressed as kindness must be confronted and rejected head-on. The big picture of what matters most should guide us forward.

If we want to take the paths that make for peace, it will demand everything.

Trying to take shortcuts to spare ourselves loss will be our ruination, and embracing the struggle will be our salvation.

Conquering the world but losing ourselves in the process won't accomplish anything. What's worth more than a human life?

If upholding human rights and testifying to beloved community is too embarrassing now, how much more shameful when a day of reckoning comes and you had no part in the birth of a new age?