Thursday, January 7, 2021

QAnon's Ongoing Disappointment

It's really something to watch the cognitive dissonance of the Trump traitors go into meltdown. Some of them are arguing that it was 'antifa' behind the seditious violence of January 6, even in the face of videos of well-known white nationalists circulating along with their insistence that it was really them.

How do any of these people manage to hold a single coherent thought? I'd think that with that much internal chaos even going to the bathroom without shitting themselves would be a struggle.

When Jesus of Nazareth died, grief and cognitive dissonance combined for his disciples to reinterpret what had happened. Christianity was the result. That's the same principle at work with QAnon today.

On January 6, 2021 'the Storm' foretold in QAnon beliefs didn't go down as expected. It's very early days but the cognitive dissonance and struggle to understand is apparent among them and other right-wingers.

QAnon has a strongly apocalyptic perspective, and yesterday was supposed to be a turning point called 'the Storm.' Based on history, what will happen now is that some will become disillusioned and 'fall away,' while others will reinterpret the event to be the *beginning* of a series of events culminating in the takeover of government by Trump, and the execution of the elite they believe are running international pedofilia rings. 

A tamer example from US history would be 'the Great Disappointment' that spawned the 7th Day Adventists and other such groups. When Jesus didn't return on October 2, 1844 the most committed followed of William Miller reinterpret what didn't happen and the Seventh-day Adventist Church was eventually spawned, along with other smaller sects with similar beliefs about the 'soon return' of Jesus.

I don't think this is anywhere near the end for them. More likely there will be a solidification into more organization with new narratives to make sense of recent events. Even after Biden is sworn in as president I'm convinced that true believers will remain and reorganize, after an initial period of shock, confusion, and falling away.