Thursday, March 18, 2021

Changes for Mills College and Starr King School for the Ministry

Just this past Tuesday I mentioned in passing that Starr King School for the Ministry had moved to the Mills College campus last year. The very next day after that post, Mill College announced that it will cease its degree-granting program in order to become an 'institute.' Check out the announcement from the Mills College president, and just below that the response from Starr King's president.

That must have been a brutally difficult video to record. At least they'll apparently be able to graduate the students they already have, though I wonder how that will work financially. It's better than the former students of the now-defunct Cincinnati Christian Seminary got. 

The college apocalypse was already a problem, and COVID-19 has predictably made matters worse. I certainly hope that SKSM manages to survive and thrive, and not just because I'm enrolled there for my Unitarian Universalist Studies certification. It's one of only two Unitarian Universalist theological seminaries, and serves not just UUs but interdenominational folks and people preparing for a career as chaplains. For now it will remain on the Mills College campus, and I hope that's an arrangement that works out for both.

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